This article is about Ascension Season 2. It will start at team level 85 and above.

Those who have not yet reached Lv 85 will also start when they reach Lv 85 if they have already completed another season.

This event is a 30-day long event.

Ascension season... you... you're back... I mean, is it possible to come back?

I am suffering from an overwhelming lack of insignia, so thank you is appreciated. Would be nice if there were a few more items up for grabs!

Another season has been added, so people who have recently started playing this game will have a hard time. I think this level is just around the time when people will stop progressing without paying, so some people may get stuck in a Billing swamp.

For those just starting out, the items obtained from the Ascension season are not very beneficial, and trying to enchant Heroes' Ascension from the beginning is definitely running out of gold, so it is deprecated. Of course, it will definitely be useful in the the time you start enchaning Heroes' Ascension and other items, you should have accumulated a certain amount of gold. So I don't think there is any need for those who have just started to buy gold certificates.

  • Earn points by completing daily, 3-day and 7-day quests.
  • Buying Gold ticket will reward you with a free + Gold ticket course.
  • After reward lvl 70, you will receive a small box of ◎◎◎.
  • Rewards can be pooled, so be efficient in acquiring them. Unclaimed rewards will be sent together by e-mail after the event, so you don't have to worry.

Gold ticket is expensive at about 4,670 yen($45), but the selection of ascension materials is attractive.

Gold ticket costs approximately 4,670 yen ($45). As the official claim is "worth more than 200,000 emeralds!" It is worth that much, so please consult with your wallet.

After all, the ascension material you can choose from is a buy & buy. Fixed" is justice. I recommend it because it's less stressful than buying from Ascension seer at Emerald!

Cost required in Hero's Ascension

The article is summarized below.

The reward for the golden ticket course includes a large amount of ascension materials, and I can choose the type of intelligence, strength, and Agility. You can get to rank 2 if you pour resources into one Hero.

Ascension Season 2 Rewards Summary

The rewards are almost the same as in Ascension Season 1. Judge and Lilith have been added to the list of 3☆3 heroes to choose from.

Compensation (Unit)FreeGold ticketFree + Gold Ticket
Energy recovery (days)12930
Random Crystal220-220
Random Vibrant Crystal115-115
Random Radiant Crystal60-60
Random Insignia85-85
Random Greater Insignia25-25
Choice of crystal202,7252,745
Choice of Vibrant Crystal-925925
Choice of Radiant Crystal-450450
Choice of insignia-825825
Choice of Greater insignia50450500
Eternal Seed-5050
Various skin stones4503,0003,450
Large Skin Stone Chest (150 pieces)-2525
Outland coin4,50012,50017,000
AF Coins3,0007,00010,000
arena coin1,5004,5006,000
Grand Arena Coin1,5004,5006,000
Huge EXP potion35900935
Gold (ten thousand)1,9402,5504,490
Rare enchanted runes10-10
Great enchanted runes56368
2 Stars Hero (30 Hero SS)Six.-6 persons (180 Hero SS)
3☆3 Hero (80 Hero SS)-Six.6 Heros (480 Hero SS)
Bottled Energy3-3
Ascension Box210~120

Value of Ascension Season

This is about what you will get for one 100 gacha. Only 1,000 for one type and 100 for the others would be good. The golden ticket is worth about 3,000 crystals alone, so 3 times 100 gachas = at least about 90,000 emeralds or more.

Gold ticket can be given to guild members.

Golden ticket holders can buy them for their guild members. It's not very popular, but there is a 30% discount & extras. The extras are as follows.

  • 50 Huge ExP potions
  • 150 Skin Stone Chest
  • 1,680 VIP points
  • 3,000 experience for the ascension season

You don't have to rush to buy Gold ticket.

Even if you buy Gold ticket after advancing to Lv 10 without ticket, you will still receive the reward items up to Lv 10 of the gold ticket course.If you have completed additional quests with Gold ticket, you will also receive them in points by email after Gold ticket's activation.If you can't buy it right away, check the quest details and complete it.

The email sent when I bought Gold ticket and logged in again. on the 4th day I bought the gold ticket so I got 350*4=1400 points.

Bundles are for basic recovery

The contents of ascension box are so subtle that there is no need to recover it if you are over lvl 70.

Full Reward Chart


Maximum experience for free course: 50,900 Maximum experience for golden ticket course: 61,400

Lv.Required ExperiencefreeGold ticket
10Energy recovery 3x1 day Energy recovery 3x5 days
220Choice of crystal x20 Choice of crystal x200
360Strength Skin Stone x1001,000 skin stones of quickness
412050,000 G3 million G
5200Agility skin stone x100Intelligence skin stone x1,000
6300Random crystal x20Choice of crystal x225
7420Intelligence skin stone x100Emerald x1,000
8560Rare enchantment rune x10Strength skin stone x1,000
9720Random crystal x30Choice of crystal x250
10900100,000 GArena Coins x1,500
111,100Emerald x60Outland coins x2,000
121,325Artifact coin x1,000Choice of crystal x300
131,575Random crystal x35Grand Arena Coin x1,500
141,850Arena Coins x500Great Enchantment Rune x8
152,150Random crystal x40 Choice of crystal x350
162,475200,000 GOutland coins x2,500
172,825Grand Arena Coin x500Giant Experience Potion x200
183,200Giant Experience Potion x15 Choice of crystal x400
193,600Random crystal x45AF coins x2,000
204,025Emerald x90Outland coins x3,000
214,475Random crystal x50Choice of crystal x500
224,950☆2 Ching Mao(30 Hero SS)☆3 With Ascension skills
Hero(80 Hero SS)
235,450Random brilliant crystal x10Choice of crystal x500
245,975300,000 GEmerald x1,250
256,525Random brilliant crystal x15Choice of insignia x100
267,100Outland coins x1,000Outland coins x5,000
277,700Random insignia x10Choice of bright crystals x100
288,350Intellectual skin stone x150Arena Coins x3,000
299,000500,000 G5 million G
309,700Strength skin stone x150Choice of insignia x125
3110,450Emerald x150Grand Arena Coin x3,000
3211,250Random brilliant crystals x25Emerald x1,500
3312,1002 Thea(30 stone)Energy Recovery x3 (6 days )
3413,000Random insignia x20Choice of bright crystals x125
3513,950Outland coins x1,500Great Enchantment Rune x12
3614,950Random brilliant crystal x30Choice of bright crystals x125
3715,950750,000 GEmerald x2,000
3816,950Random brilliant crystal x30Choice of insignia x150
3917,950Agility stone of quickness x150Energy recovery 3x8 days
4018,950Random insignia x25Choice of Vibrant Crystal x175
4119,9501,000,000 G7.5 million G
4220,950Random Radiant Crystal x15Choice of insignia x200
4321,950Emerald x200Huge EXP potion x300
4422,950Great enchantment rune x5Choice of Vibrant Crystal x225
4523,9502☆2 Artemis (30 stones) ☆3 With Ascension skills
Hero (80 Hero SS)
4624,950Grand Arena Coin x1,000Choice of insignia x250
4725,950Random insignia x30Emerald x2500
4826,950Outland coins x2,000Great Enchantment Rune x18
4927,9502 million GChoice of Vibrant Crystal x300
5028,950AF coins x2,000Energy recovery x3x10 days
5129,950Emerald x250Choice of Radiant Crystal x50
5230,950Random Radiant Crystal x20Intelligence Skin stone x2,000
5331,950Arena Coins x1,000Agility Skin stone x2,000
5432,950Emerald x300Choice of Greater insignia x75
5533,9502* Dark Star (30 stones) ☆3 With Ascension skills
Hero (80 Hero SS)
5634,950Random Great Seal x10Choice of Greater Insignia x100
5735,9503 million G10 million G
5836,950Huge EXP potion x20Strength skin stone x2,000
5937,950Random Greater Insignia x15Choice of Radiant Crystal x100
6038,950Nebula 2 (30 stones) ☆3 With Ascension skills
Hero (80 Hero SS)
6139,950Intelligence skin stone x200Choice of Greater Insignia x125
6240,9504 million GGreat Enchantment Rune x25
6341,950Strength skin stone x200Huge EXP potion x400
6442,950☆2 KAI (30 stones) ☆3 With Ascension skills
Hero (80 Hero SS)
6543,950Emerald x500Choice of Radiant Crystal x100
6644,9505 million GLarge Skin Stone Chest x 25
6745,950Random shiny crystal x25 ☆3 With Ascension skills
Hero (80 Hero SS)
6846,950Agility Skin stone x200Choice of Radiant Crystal x200
6947,950Bottled Energy x3Great insignia of choice x150
7048,950Choice of Greater Insignia x50Seeds of Eternity x50
7149,950Ascension box x2Ascension box x10
72 and after+1,000Ascension box x2 Ascension box x10

Energy recovery 3x

The natural recovery of energy is normally 1 recovery in 6 minutes, but since it is tripled, energy is recovered 3 times in 6 minutes. The normal recovery limit is team level +60, but it is further increased by +50. The effect time is not duplicated but added up. It is recommended to get it on weekends or when you plan to log in for a long time.

Leave the reward "Hero of 2 and 3 Stars" for special events.

Leave the reward "☆2 and ☆3 Heroes" for the "Collect Hero Stones" quest, which is a common quest for weekend events. You will receive 30 stones for ☆2 heroes / 80 stones for ☆3 heroes.

The rewards you leave behind will be mailed to you in a lump sum at the end of the season.

Note that all 3x energy will be combined into one.

Contents of Ascension box

You will receive one of the following. It is random so it is very subtle. In season 1, you can get to lvl 81 with a golden ticket + all days clear, so you received 132 Ascension boxes.

  • Any 20 of various crystals
  • Any 15 of various Vibrant Crystal
  • Any 10 of various Radiant Crystal
  • Any 15 of various insignia
  • Any 10 of various Greater Insignia
  • 1,000 Star Manna / 2,500 Star Manna
  • 50,000G/100,000G

About the Quest Contents

Quests will be updated at 5:00 AM. Just a reminder that "Enchanting Glyphs" and "Collecting Titan Stones" reset at 11:00 a.m.

Quest Content Remarks

be common

  • Damaging and inflicting systems are counted even in defeat, but Retreat is not.
  • The "◎◎◎ (position) hero defeated △ △ times" is counted by the number of battles, not by how many Heroes are defeated, so even if you defeat multiple Heroes in one battle, it counts as one time.


  • At lvl 130, quests are automatically accomplished except for a few.
  • Manual operation is required to achieve floors, open chests, and earn gold.


  • The number of times a stage is cleared, not the number of enemy squares destroyed.
  • The "Quest to defeat the Herald's Eye in Adventure: Assemble the Altar of Power" is raid valid (the Altar of Power counts only for the number of Altar of Power placed on that map ex; Adventure 11 has 4).
  • 'Activate the hero's first skill XX times in the adventure' is raid valid. If you skip the battle right after the battle starts, it will be counted once, which means that the number of all battle squares in that stage will be counted during the raid.
  • The raid is also valid for "Defeat the hero of ◎◎◎ (Role) ×× times in the adventure.
  • The "Win 0 times using a hero of position ◎◎◎ in an adventure" is also effective for raiding, but it is meaningless if the hero of the corresponding position is not included in the attacking formation.

guild dungeon

  • The Divination Card's is valid for "Winning the guild dungeon △ times without losing any heroes.
  • The Divination Card's is valid for "Take and Deal damage in the guild dungeon".
  • The "Win the Guild Dungeon with XX Titan" is easier to fight in an attribute compound room with one Titan of the appropriate attribute in the organization.


  • Defeat XX (hero name) XX times" is raid valid.
  • The "◎◎◎ (Role) hero to win" is invalid for raid.
  • Defeat XX monsters" is raid valid.
  • Raid invalid for systems that take or deal damage.


  • Shopping is quicker when you buy a piece of titan artifact from a merchant in the Valley of the Titans.
  • Gift of the Elements is easy to reset after raising the lvl of a lvl 0 hero by 1
  • Below is an article on how to create a guild battle

Nature season and quest content seem to be the same.